Email Signature

Are you making money every time you send an email? What is the return that you get on your email?

The reality, most people have never even thought of monetizing their output email … they didn’t even know that was possible. No matter if you’re a Real Estate Agent or a School Teacher, every time you send an email, you communicate something that your reader is either going to “buy” or …

Why not capitalize on the most underused place of value on your email messages by letting Connections Media Group build an Email Signature for you!

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Facebook Banner Video

If you’re not using VIDEO in your Facebook Business Page Cover Photo, you’re missing one of the most effective ways to to keep you visitors engaged. Your story can be displayed in an attractive and powerful way through this new opportunity. We can help you make use of this space and grow your business opportunities.

Animated Whiteboard Video

Everyone loves a good story … and a cartoon, all the more. Steamboat Willie ~Disney’s loveable Mickey Mouse character who first appeared on the screen in 1928~ was one of the first animated cartoons ever to be created. And today, almost 90 years later, animated cartoon stories still capture the hearts and imaginations of people all over the world.

The most important part of telling a story is getting your audience to listen. We take this same VIDEO technology and also create Animated GIFs that work perfectly for Social Media tools like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


As your story unfolds, a professional cartoonist creates visual images that capture people’s attention. And one of the strongest assets that your cartoon video has is the capacity to focus emotion.

Connections Media Group firmly believes that your message (your audible story) is as important as the drawing. That’s why we use professional voice talent artists that can tell your story clearly, at the right pace and in high quality.

Commercial Video for Web or Social Media

You have a good story to tell but the challenge of getting your message in front of the right audience with the maximum reach and frequency seems to be out of reach.

Our experience has covered Professional Ministry clients, Dental Practices, Community Groups and even freelance work for news agencies.

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